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To start, it has been one more wild year for financial backers. War, expanding gas costs, and loan fee climbs are raising a ruckus around town of ordinary Americans and millions are watching their retirement investment funds vanish as the securities exchange keeps on experiencing a plunge.

Additionally, expansion is soaring at 8.5%, which is making numerous Americans move their cash out of the financial exchange and into place of refuge resources, similar to gold and silver.


While there are upsides and downsides to putting resources into gold, 2022 imprints the beginning of what many accept will be a positively trending market for precious metals. Government spending is wild and expansion is hitting record highs.

How Precious Metals And Crypto Can Help You?

Optimistically, precious metals and digital currency will help you:

Support against a more fragile dollar and expanding expansion.

  • Limit openness to financial vulnerability.

  • Moderate the impacts of international shakiness.

  • Decrease negative aftermath from the Covid financial emergency.

  • Enhance your portfolio.

  • Take genuine responsibility for monetary future.

The place of refuge advantages of actual gold and advanced resources are currently more evident than any other time in recent memory, with these resources presently ready for much more development.

Furthermore, presently like never before with this taking off expansion, it is a great chance to begin safeguarding your bank account and fence against the expanded money.

All things considered, in this top to bottom Regal Assets survey (2022), we have investigated the organization’s elective resources IRA (crypto and precious metals IRAs), charges, evaluations and grumblings, stockpiling choices, advancements, repurchase program, geniuses and cons, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In like that, we desire to assist you with settling on the best decision for your future ventures.

Allow us to begin by investigating what Regal Assets truly is and its set of experiences.

What Is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a conspicuous name in the gold venture industry.

The Company works in assisting individuals with getting their reserve funds and speculations through gold-upheld IRA programs and has been the market chief in the valuable metal IRAs market for a long time.

Regal Assets

Regal offers a great exhibit of decisions in every one of the four precious metals classes of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for their large number of financial backers who need to secure bullion coins and bars. And afterward they stock them seaward in a strategically and legitimately safe ward.

Among this great stock are the most famous and most flawless coins and bars, created in the best and most lofty mints all over the planet.

Company History

Regal Assets is right now headed by CEO Tyler Gallagher, who laid out Regal Assets in 2009.

Furthermore, their US Corporate Headquarters is situated in Beverley Hills, California. Yet, they additionally have Trade Floors in Canada, Dubai, and the UK.

In 2015, Mr. Gallagher pushed Regal Assets ahead from a US precious metals vendor to an International Alternative Assets Company.

He then, at that point, extended the Company’s item range from precious metals to likewise incorporate digital currencies, as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Also, in November 2019, Regal united with Coinbase and Kingdom Trust.

Fortunately this powerful new association empowers Regal Assets to offer the #1 crypto IRA on the lookout.

As of late, Regal Assets additionally turned into the main authority accomplice of the Royal Mint in the UK. The Royal Mint is claimed by the British Government and this sort of affiliation is the first of its sort in quite a while long term history.

Who Is Regal Assets Best For?

  • Regal Assets is the best organization for people who need security for their speculations against expansion and monetary difficulties. At the point when the market is failing, gold, silver, and computerized regal assets can assist you with braving the cycle until things begin to swing back up.

  • Financial backers who need to claim actual speculations. Dissimilar to organizations that could go under all of a sudden, precious metals have been and will be around for eternity. Assuming that you need an unmistakable thing in your portfolio that won’t ever become unpopular, precious metals are a decent decision.

  • Individuals approaching retirement who need to secure and develop their retirement account.

    Regal Assets Best For

Why Invest In Precious Metals And/Or Cryptocurrency?

First of all, many individuals know that when gold is utilized as a speculation, it has been regardless is, a very decent fence against expansion.

With a gold IRA account, you can clutch regal assets as bars, bullion, or coins and use it as generally a safeguard against market eccentricism.

What’s more, a Regal IRA (elective assets IRA), permits you to safeguard your abundance against the back and forth movements of putting by expanding your portfolio into a few regal assets.

Ordinarily, gold and bitcoin makes an ideal mix of regal assets since they balance each other out.

This truly intends that as one goes up in esteem, the other will in general go down.

In this way, with a Regal IRA, you are expanding your regal assets, yet you are broadening keenly!

In any event, when a securities exchange crash or monetary emergency is estimated (like today), the possibilities seeing your cash dissipate directly in front of you stay high. While regal assets can be shielded from monetary vulnerabilities once a gold IRA or Regal IRA has been set up.

All things considered, on the off chance that you are hoping to limit risk, expand your portfolio, and defend your abundance during seasons of increased instability, Regal Assets ought to be on your call list.

Regal Assets Offers The Following Services

1. Non-IRA Precious Metals

Any financial backer can purchase precious metals or elective assets (digital currencies) through the organization. You don’t need to be a specific age or have procured pay.

What’s more, when you purchase precious metals through and through, you can either keep them in a safe vault or have them conveyed to your home — whichever you like.

The base speculation for cash deals is $5,000.

Regal Assets IRA

2. Regal IRA: Gold IRA/Crypto IRA On Steroids

With regards to precious metals retirement accounts, Regal Assets is an industry chief giving extraordinary stockpiling and expense structure, as well as speedy handling time. The Company offers an extraordinary IRA administration, called Regal IRA.

A Regal IRA is basically a personally managed IRA and the world’s most memorable elective assets IRA that right now permits you to put resources into both hard regal assets (precious metals) and computerized regal assets (Bitcoin and other digital forms of money).

Furthermore, you can open a Regal IRA straightforwardly or you can rollover or move regal assets from a past retirement account.

Per IRS guidelines, Regal Assets stores IRA precious metals in an outsider, best in class vault. It involves Brinks as its favored IRA overseer.

The base speculation for a precious metals IRA or crypto IRA is $10,000.

The Regal IRA gives you the choice to remember for your IRA:

  • A blend of precious metals, Bitcoin and other cryptographic money.

  • Simply precious metals (a customary gold IRA).

  • Just digital currency (a customary crypto IRA).

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptographic forms of money, as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are seen by numerous specialists as the new computerized adaptations of gold and silver.


Very much like actual precious metals, cryptographic forms of money don’t relate with the dollar and financial exchange and can act as security in the event of a monetary slump.

Likewise, digital money is completely decentralized and constrained by market interest.

The best part is that Bitcoin and Ethereum are “mined” by strong PCs and their stockpile is restricted, which invalidates expansion.

Furthermore, Ethereum, very much like silver, has numerous modern purposes beside being a money. It is a shrewd agreements stage and its innovation is presently being utilized by banks and legislatures around the world.


Cryptocurrencies are as yet seen as a high-risk venture, so put away no amount of cash that you were unable to stand to lose. The substance on this site is for data purposed just and can’t be taken as monetary guidance. You ought to constantly talk with your monetary consultant prior to pursuing any venture choice.

Gold And Bitcoin: The Perfect Combination

Specialists have found that there is a converse connection among’s gold and bitcoin. This truly intends that as one goes up in esteem, the other will in general go down.

Gold And Bitcoin

Mr. Gallagher is citing:

“Therefore gold and bitcoin make an ideal mix of assets to remember for your retirement portfolio in light of the fact that they balance each other out.”

Elective Regal Assets Product Range

1. Gold And Silver Coins And Bars

Every one of the precious metals presented by Regal Assets are displayed on their site. They have gold and silver bars of various loads and sizes and a wide choice of gold and silver world coins.

gold and silver

For example, Regal Assets’ gold coins include:

  • American Buffalo Gold Coins.

  • American Eagle Gold Coins.

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins.

  • South African Krugerrand Gold Coins.

  • Chinese Panda Gold Coins.

  • South African Krugerrand Gold Coins.

  • Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins.

  • And that’s just the beginning.

Furthermore, the silver coins include:

  • Australian Kookaburra Silver Coins.

  • American Eagle Silver Coins.

  • Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins.

  • Australian Koala Silver Coins.

  • Britannia Coin Silver Coins.

  • Austrian PhilharmonicSilver Silver Coins.

  • And the sky is the limit from there.

2. Regal Assets Cryptocurrency

Regal Assets Cryptocurrency

Also, the crypto regal assets are as broad. They have everything from:

  • Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Cash.

  • Bitcoin SV.

  • Aave.

  • Community.

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT).

  • Cardano (ADA).

  • Dogecoin.

  • EOS.

  • Run.

  • To Ethereum Classic.

Regal Assets Reviews And Complaints

In this top to bottom audit of Regal Assets (2022), we have investigated what clients say regarding Regal Assets.

Generally, Regal Assets industry notoriety is predominantly certain with a 99.9% client fulfillment rating.


Commentators on acclaim the organization for its client accommodating assistance, particularly for clients who are turning over their IRAs.

Furthermore, the Company’s monetary specialists/counselors are likewise all around lauded by their clients who required exhortation on their speculation portfolios.

Regal Assets likewise holds the most elevated rating (AAA) on the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance). As of this composition, Regal Assets has no bad things to say on the BCA site.

Regal Assets Review

AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (their most noteworthy rating)

1570 Regal Assets Review on BirdEye: 4.9 out of 5 stars.

1088 Regal Assets Review on TrustLink: 4.9 out of 5 stars.

12 Regal Assets Review on Yellow Pages: 5 out of 5 stars.

12 Regal Assets Review on CitySearch: 5 out of 5 stars.

Regal Assets Complaints


0 Complaints with the BCA.

1 Complaint with the Complaint Board.

Late Regal Assets Review (2022)

regal assets review

To all the more likely outline what clients say regarding Regal Assets, let us investigate an example of the Company’s new 5-star surveys on BirdEye.

1. I had the delight of working with Christian Howard and Jannette Compton when I opened my precious metals IRA. The two of them acted in an expert, gracious, and supportive way. Jannette was instrumental in directing me through the essential administrative work in setting up and subsidizing my IRA. Christian made sense of the buying system and the charges in question. He responded to my inquiries rapidly and in straightforward responses. My underlying precious metals buy was made impeccably. This was my most memorable involvement with the precious metals market, and Christian and Jannette made it an agreeable encounter. I anticipate working with them later on. (Paul S. Walk 12, 2021)

2. I reached Regal Assets for certain worries about purchasing Silver and Gold. I addressed Christian Howard and he directed me through the buy subtleties and has been useful in responding to additional inquiries concerning the cycle each time I have reached him. I would prescribe Regal Assets and Christian Howard to anybody thinking about the acquisition of silver and gold. (Archie. Walk 20, 2021)

3. I’m typically not truly happy with moving regal assets, as I don’t routinely exchange the market. In this way, I was satisfied to have Christian as my record supervisor at Regal Assets who conveyed well overall and caused me to feel absolutely calm while moving a lump of my 401K into precious metals. Five stars for Christian at Regal Assets. (Canine B. Walk 20, 2021)

4. Christian and Jannette made the progress from the 403B to IRA metal’s record a reasonable and clear interaction. We are eager to have better enhancement in our retirement reserve funds. (Julius and Virginia Phillips. Walk 20, 2021)

5. Much thanks to you Christian and Jannette for assisting me with moving my Roth IRA to a precious metals account. Extraordinary Job! (PP. Walk 19, 2021)

6. Moved my IRA to a precious metals account with Regal Assets. Christian and Jeannette were perfect in getting it moved and set up. Would strongly suggest Regal Assets. (DW. Walk 18, 2021)

7. From our underlying interests in precious metals and cryptographic forms of money to now, we have had various inquiries. Christain and Jannette rapidly give answers and made sense of the cycles as they directed us through setting up our records. Extremely encouraging realizing they have us covered. (Charley C. Walk 16, 2021)

8. Working with Christian Howard was very fulfilling. I had gotten singed, previously, purchasing precious metals. I feel that Christian procured my trust and was exceptionally open, legit, forthright, and extremely fair with the expenses that they charge. He gave me constantly and discussion, that I really wanted, to grasp the entire cycle. I would suggest Regal Assets, particularly Christian Howard to anybody needing to turn over a 401K arrangement to a privately managed IRA, as I did! (James L. Walk 15, 2021)

9. I’m new to purchasing gold/silver so I picked Regal Assets in view of surveys. Incredible decision. I worked with Ryder who was perfect. Extremely understanding yet no tension. Made sense of upsides and downsides of various choices yet continuously passing on ultimate conclusions to me. I will pick Regal Assets for my next buy, requesting Ryder to work with. (Joseph D. Walk 14, 2021)

10. Christian Howard has been a delight to work with throughout recent years. He has given great client care in regards to my Digital regal Assets and Precious Metals accounts IRA accounts with Regal Assets. Christian has been a dependable, reliable, expeditious and educated specialist, helping me with my Kingdom Trust IRAs overseer. I strongly suggest Christian and the Regal Assets group. Much thanks to you. (Pete K. Walk 14, 2021)

Since you have seen that Regal Assets is a profoundly trustworthy organization, let us investigate their evaluating and exchange essentials next.

Regal Assets Fees And Transaction Minimums


Regal Assets charges $0 capacity and administrator expenses for the main year. From that point, they charge $150 each year for isolated capacity and $100 in yearly administrator expenses.

Ordinary available records at Regal Assets have no charges of any sort. There are no yearly charges, fire up expenses, or capacity costs.

The necessary beginning total for an IRA is $10,000. For available records, the base speculation is $5,000.

Regal Assets IRA Fees

Regal assets introductory Setup Fees: $0.

Yearly Admin Fees: $100.

Yearly Storage Fees: $150.

Regal assets least Purchase Amount: $10,000.

Favored Depository: Brink’s Global Services.

Regal Assets Fees For Non-IRA Transactions

One-Time Setup Fees: $0.

Annual Maintenance Fees: $0.

Regal assets storage Fees: $0.

Regal Assets Investment Minimums


Considering how much cash you want to contribute with Regal Assets? The diagram underneath records charges for IRA and non-IRA exchanges:

Regal IRA: $10,000.

Non-IRA Transactions: $5,000.

And Storage?

Per IRS guidelines, you are not permitted to take individual ownership of your precious metals, while putting resources into a precious metals IRA. Your gold should be protected and put away in your name at an IRS-supported store up to the period of 59½.

However, in the event that you are purchasing your metals through and through, you are permitted to take individual belonging and store them any place you need.

Regal Assets involves Brinks in Salt Lake City. All capacity is isolated and is presented for a level expense of $150.00 each year.

A decent cost since most contenders begins at $225.00 each year for isolated capacity. Isolated capacity implies that a financial backer’s coins, bars, and bullion are put away in discrete capacity compartments and are not put away along with other financial backers’ metals.

Regal offers genuine serenity to their clients by video recording the genuine conveyance of the metals at the storehouse for capacity.

They likewise furnish their clients with an office to have their metals put away abroad, in the event that they so decide, without causing charges or punishments.

Instructions to Start A Regal IRA (Gold and Alternative Assets IRA)

Beginning a Regal IRA is an aggravation free cycle since Regal Assets is one of a handful of the precious metals IRA organizations where you safely can fill in a web-based application to begin the interaction.

The best part is that Regal Assets can open another IRA account inside 24 business long stretches of getting a marked application structure.

Furthermore, clients can have a solid sense of reassurance realizing they will be stayed up with the latest each step of the exchange cycle by day to day calls or messages from the IRA Experts at Regal Assets.

Likewise, with regards to moving mentioned assets from an overseer, Regal Assets ordinarily makes it happen inside 48 business hours.

Its typical rival requires as long as 30 days or as yearns as 90 days to finish the exchange of regal assets.

Getting everything rolling Online With Regal Assets

Step 1: Fill in the got Regal IRA Setup structure on the web or solicitation the FREE Startup Kit.

Step 2: Wait for Regal’s IRA Specialist to hit you up to conclude the arrangement.

Step 3: Fund your record and pick your metals.

Really that basic!

IRA and 401(k) Rollovers Or Transfers

Putting resources into metals and cryptos through an IRA must be finished as per IRS rules and guidelines, which is the reason it is essential to work with an organization that has a decent history working with these kinds of records.

Straightforward errors like not accepting the right coins that are IRA-supported or wrong expense records can cost large chunk of change over the long haul.

A Regal IRA is basically a personally managed IRA used to put resources into actual precious metals and digital forms of money.

To make the interaction surprisingly straightforward, you can open a Regal IRA straightforwardly or you can rollover or move assets from a past retirement account into another Regal IRA account.

In the event that you need to sell a portion of your precious metals and elective assets, Regal Assets can repurchase metals and cryptos any work day of the week and have regal assets in the clients’ ownership in no less than 24 hours of a deal.

Upsides and downsides Of Regal Assets

To give you a speedy recap, here are a few upsides and downsides of Regal Assets:


  • Official individual from the Forbes Finance Council.

  • 99.9% client fulfillment rating.

  • Cordial and proficient client support. (a no deals approach).

  • Enormous determination of bullion items.

  • Level expense model (not scaled).

  • Yearly expenses postponed for first year.

  • Offers a repurchase program.

  • Ensures the development capability of their client’s speculation.


  • $5,000 least speculation required.

  • As of composing, they administration clients from a predetermined number of nations.

Regal Assets Review (2022) Verdict

Is Regal Assets The Best Alternative Assets IRA Company?

The decision of our top to bottom Regal Assets audit (2022) is that we accept that Regal Assets has procured its standing as the best elective assets organization in the US.

The organization, most importantly, offers a simple and peaceful IRA rollover, where an IRA Expert at Regal aides you through the entire interaction.

With regards to turning over retirement regal assets from customary IRAs into precious metals as well as cryptographic money, it can require a touch of desk work and exertion.

Obviously, this can be mistaking for a great many people, particularly for those not knowledgeable in monetary issues.

Fortunately, Regal Assets has a group of IRA Experts that will assist new clients with setting up another independently managed IRA and make it an aggravation free interaction. They will straightforwardly contact a client’s IRA caretaker to have the regal assets moved over to them.

The best part is that they offer ZERO rollover/move expenses and cover your capacity and administrator charges for the principal year while opening a passing IRA.

To finish up, choosing Regal Assets enjoys a ton of benefits contrasted with other gold organizations:

  • Well disposed client support.

  • No unreasonable rates.

  • They hold an A+ BBB Rating and an AAA BCA Rating.

  • Remarkable client/client input.

  • Charges $0 for rollover/move expenses.

  • Charges $0 capacity and administrator expenses for the main year.

  • Offers a repurchase program.

  • Offers ensured delivering in less than 7 days (quickest in the business). Surprisingly better, in the event that Regal would miss the 7 work day cutoff time for delivery metals, the organization adds a FREE 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to the client’s organization.

  • Ensures the development capability of their client’s venture As referenced, Regal has exceptional client surveys, and just a single grievance with the Complaint Board that is dealt with.

Furthermore, they have a serious estimating structure and an extraordinary choice of IRA-endorsed precious metals, bullion coins, and crypto.

So, we feel sure about saying that Regal Assets is a top gold and elective assets IRA organization, and ought to be your #1 decision while beginning a gold/crypto IRA.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQ):


Is putting resources into precious metals a smart thought?

We accept it is. Over the entire course of time, gold and silver costs have moved the other way of paper assets and can, consequently, give a decent support against expansion.

Past execution doesn’t ensure future additions, yet the numbers show that the more vulnerable the dollar has become before, the better gold by and large has performed. Truth be told, the connection among gold and the dollar is in many cases considered an opposite one.

Why beginning a gold IRA?

Customary IRA records may not be sufficient to accommodate you and your friends and family, post-retirement. Not in the event that the economy stays as dubious as it has looked as of late.

For ages, financial backers have shifted focus over to gold to assist them with possibly counterbalancing misfortunes because of monetary disturbance. A gold IRA or precious metals IRA licenses you to expand a part of your retirement portfolio, including prior IRAs and previous 401k(s) with past bosses by really possessing actual gold (and silver) inside a retirement plan. Therefore, you can safely have actual precious metals in an expense conceded account.

Would it be advisable for me to put resources into actual gold, fates choices (EFTs), gold mining stocks, or gold assets?

Roundabout types of putting resources into gold are a lot more hazardous than actual metal. You are depending on any outsider individual or organization to take care of your abundance for you, and contingent upon the organization’s prosperity or disappointment, you risk losing your venture. With actual gold, you are in charge of your riches. Actual gold offers you that layer of assurance and security which Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), gold mining stocks and regal assets don’t.

While putting resources into a gold IRA, you will get a similar tax reductions as a conventional IRA, while really possessing actual gold coins or gold bars.

Do my valuable metals must be bars or could they at any point be coins?

While certain coins can be remembered for valuable metals IRAs, just certain coins are IRS supported for consideration in IRAs. Not all bars or bullion are IRS supported, truth be told. The IRS keeps a rundown of satisfactory types of valuable metals for IRAs. You can be sure that a respectable gold IRA organization offers different metals for IRAs inside IRS rules.

Might I at any point pick any caretaker and capacity organization to store my metals?

Indeed. While laid out gold IRA organizations frequently suggest Equity Trust as their favored caretaker and Delaware Depository for capacity, you can pick your own overseer and capacity organizations.

Could I at any point store my valuable metals at home?

Non-IRA valuable metals, yes. Not metals for a genuine IRA. IRS rules restrict keeping your IRA valuable metals at home or in a standard wellbeing security box. They should be held by a supported non-bank legal administrator or a bank inside IRS rules that confines access. As such, very much like a customary IRA, the admittance to the valuable metals in your valuable metals IRA should be limited in unambiguous ways to guarantee store and dispensing regulations are followed.

Are the upsides of the valuable metals I purchase for my IRA ensured?

No. Like all speculations, the future worth of valuable metals isn’t ensured and can rise or fall in view of an assortment of market impacts. Be that as it may, we accept actual valuable metals are your most secure wagered to support against a securities exchange crash, expansion, and the corrupting of the dollar.

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